The Skirt

“Dark Maroon”


She twisted her heel bearing ankle while turning around to correct a colleague on the colour of her new love.

The deep colour of it reflected her sombre soul, but the twirls it made reverberated the joy she carried when she wore; the skirt. 


The time she saw it online on her favourite shopping portal, just a few days before her 21st birthday, she had imagined herself dressed in it; gleaming around making birthday Boomerangs.

The order was delivered just in time. The day came and she wore the skirt. But the photographs did not happen. The glee was never felt. Another birthday gone kaput.

Nevertheless, she knew the skirt deserved its moment of glory and she would thus keep it safe for the next special occasion.

It came seven months later. Her farewell party.

She was leaving the city to pursue her dreams and out came the skirt from the safest corner of her closet. Determined to make the day memorable; she put on her maroon lipstick, strapped her saviour heels (a birthday gift from dad) and paired the skirt with a dreamy white crepe chiffon blouse.

The mirror winked “seize the day, darling”.


She entered the party venue in full fairytale fashion. Holding the dear skirt by both ends while making sure to not trip on the heels which could not match up to her confidence right now.  But life is not a fairytale.

The guests hadn’t turned up yet. Still, she was not going to let anything take away the moment of the skirt. It deserved its glory. So, out came the phone and pop opened the camera. 46 selfies later, one friend showed up.

And slowly the rest. The gathering was coming alive; and finally the colour of the skirt matched the blush on her cheeks. Dated Cherry.


The skirt twirled back home and was once again gently packed for the next big occasion. This time it came out of the closet in a new city. Exactly a year later to the disaster that was. The 21st birthday had demanded an apology and the 22nd birthday agreed to forgive and forget. The skirts’  birthday wish was about to be fulfilled.

The place was new and so were the people. Her first birthday outside home, without family, but second with the skirt.

Her new friends sweetly surprised her at midnight with room decorations and a ‘Best Roomie’ satchel.  Finally, this was going to be a Happy Birthday.

The mirror hung in awe as she got ready to go down for breakfast in the college mess. Today, she walked in like she owned the aura around her. Like she had bought the air of confidence she exuded. Like she was a Elsa in Cinderella’s avatar. 

Mystical. Magical. Mad making Merry.

All eyes on her and the skirt flared to take a bow. The heels, golden today, proved no hindrance as she jumped in joy and jived around the whole campus. True happiness had visited the birthday girl and she was hosting her well so far. 


At lunch, another surprise awaited. A chorus birthday song. So much love! The Maroon of the skirt turned Burgundy as it flushed in honour. The camera pleaded to be of service today and the skirt obliged. The day demanded a photoshoot and the skirt anyway loved the click of the shutter. 


She was not changing the skirt until the day got over and thus was put off the plan to take a humble stroll to the nearby temple, saving the skirt from being looked down upon or letched at. The skirt’s length wasn’t long enough to stand up to eve teasers. It fell short of shame. It rather dance in the hostel room; perfect to the turns it made the waist take. One swig there and two swirls there. Flirty, frivolous, free.

But dinner had to follow, so, a hearty meal amidst a pleasantly lit setting later, the skirt wondered- What Next?

Freedom, the hem answered.

Plop went the heels, and the hem rejoiced with a flared jump; as she strutted down the bare streets, ignoring the noise around. The city lights watched as she walked on teeny lanes at night wearing the skirt. 


The burgundy was now glowing a tingy rust shade. But the undertones of cherry and wine were still at play when the skirt was neatly folded and put on the pink hanger of the Godrej almirah in the tiny hostel room. 

23rd next? She asked before being locked away. 

“You never know darling. You command only special occasions and birthdays are just one of them”, she answered as her cheeks borrowed the skirt’s crimson. 


Outfit Details:

Ruffle Button-Down Top- Mast & Harbour (Myntra)- Rs. 525

Scuba Skater Skirt- Faballey- Rs. 900 

Golden Heels- Jabong- Rs. 1200

On the Face:

Eyeliner- Lakme Absolute Liquid Precision Liner in Black

Lipstick- Lotus Make-up (Purple Daisy- 429)


Location: Asian College of Journalism
Photography: B. Pradeep
Date: 28.11.2016



Postcard Pondicherry

Travellers are the best storytellers


And travel stories make for the best reads. Because they enrich with you an experience one breathed, absorbed and lived first hand. Leaving traces and following back on untrodden paths, its magical and enchanting. You observe as you go, make a trail and capture memories. And while telling a travel story, you live back the exhilaration and the little moments spent in the lap of nature (or the springy hotel beds!)

My travel to Pondicherry was one such trip. A weekend getaway with roommate which also happened to be my first travel outing without family. Fun was onboard already. 


Located 150 kms away from the capital city of Chennai is the French capital of India, the paradise of Pondicherry. Rummaging through its streets you are bound to find a plethora of stunning locales and happy faces to shoot. 

The beaches are calm, the wind serene; the coffee is warm and the view supreme. 


This quaint territory pleases all because it has so much to offer in terms of its picturesque buildings and scrumptious food. The little cafes hidden in the shores not only appease your hunger but also treat you to local savoury and a wholesome all-day meal. Paisa vasool in Pondi, guaranteed!


Apart from the amazing food, Puducherry (its new name which I absolutely don’t like but so much for factuality!) is a marble marvel too. Its buildings are painted in colours of merry (famously yellow) and provide a glimpse of history as well. With the French Consulate Office to the Kargil War Memorial, each block of bricks has a story to tell. 



And if you’re looking for a spiritual trek, head straight to the Auroville Ashram. Decked in golden aura, the Auroville dome is a sight to behold. Matri Mandir, as it is called locally, is a place for amalgamation of art and spirituality. The stay at the ashram is very economical and the company includes desi travellers and foreign tourists alike. 


Heading on, we reached the outskirts of the city in search of the Paradise Beach which totally lived up to its name. A vast expanse of deep blue water greeted us with a salty cold breeze. Just perfect to rewind, relax and release the shutter. 🙂


Rows of palm trees swayed in celebration as the blue of the sky wedded the blue of the sea


A temple and a church visit later, it was time to bid goodbye to the ‘Goa of the south’. Three days of frolic and revelling in the spirit of a ‘hippie’ life seemed too short but I had already promised myself a second visit. A solo trip maybe? 


Outfit Details:

Dress: Sarojini Nagar- Rs 200

Stole: Sarojini Nagar- Rs 50

Black Sling Bag: Mom’s Gift

Footwear: India International Trade Fair (Jute Pavillion)

A Tale of Two Ponytails


2….. 4 tbsp


Just a little.


Pour the whole sack!


Fix it between two grizzly ponytails. 


Crafted to wander among the wilderness; Free. Spirited. Fun(ny).

Mature in mind, Kid at heart; she is best friends with imagination.

Roams in parks, gardens, toy houses, candy stores and the library.

Bright hues, Cute shoes; Casual style, Big smile. 

Solace excites her. Solitude she loves.

But vibrancy is a must in her life.

Always bubbling; half-bobbling, half tumbling.

She had been lost in transition, but was saved by love.

Found mostly in her dreams, of living inside a book castle. 

A book-bug while at it. (worms make her puke)

A diary and a pen, a teddy bear, her bag and maybe a cat; for company. 

She has set out to rule the world. Or rather to find her own.

Next, you might see her riding atop a unicorn. 😉

Swing of Bubbles,

Glass of Glitter,

Candy of floss,

and a Dab of Gloss.

Hopin’ around, Merry-go-Round,

Telling a Tale of Two Ponytails

Outfit Details:

T-shirt– Rs. 400

Jeans- Moda Rapido (Myntra)- Rs. 1599

Shoes- Puma- Dad’s Gift 

Shades- United Colors of Benetton- Grandpa’s Gift

Bag- Janpath- Rs 900 

On the Face:

Eyes: Winged Eyeliner- Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner (Black)

Lips: Revlon Street Wear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick (#1 Fire Your Ex)

Base: Garnier Beauty Benefit Cream 

Location- Deer Park, Hauz Khas (Delhi)
Photography- Kamera by Sandy

Mistress of Dreams

Strut the runway of life like it’s the show of your dreams. 


Long boots, crisp white shirt; a buttoned-down navy blazer and tresses too smooth. She glowed.She glowed in the confidence of her charm. In the conviction of her dreams. She meant business.


Give her a look, but make it strong. She doesn’t do mild. Miles to go before she sleeps and infinity before she gives up.She is defiant, she is firm. Straight up, upfront. Believes in her passion but likes to boss.You know you are not messing, you know she will still stand tall. 

You put her down, she rises. You pick on her, she fires. Sometimes dignified in her silence, on your bad day, a fury unimaginable. She has only known to fight, to survive and to bounce back hard.The world is not her enemy but there are haters aplenty. To all of them, she writes:

I know my way,

I know it right.

You spew the hate,

But it ain’t a fight.

Because I am lit, 

in the light of desire

too bold for your might.

Will speak through my work,

It’s all what I have to give.

Rest all is inside.

Commotion within, but fierce outside.

I shall do as my dreams please.


Mistress of Dreams

Outfit Details-

  • Classic White Shirt-Sarojini Nagar (H&M export surplus)- Rs. 150
  • Crop Navy Blazer with button detailing– Sarojini Nagar- Rs. 200
  • Knee-rip Denims– Forever 21- Rs. 1250
  • Long PU Boots– Flipkart (Under Route)- Rs. 2099
  • Grey Cape Shawl- Sarojini Nagar- Rs. 200
  • Bandana (worn as choker)– Forever 21- Birthday Gift 🙂

On the Face-

  • Eyes– Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner, Coloressence Pearl Effect Eyeshadow Pencil (Gold)
  • Lips– Lotus Make-Up Purple Daisy (429)
  • Base– Maybelline New York White Superfresh (Pearl)                                                 Garnier Skin Naturals Beauty Benefit Cream
Location- Qutub Minar, Dilli Haat (Delhi)
Photography- KamEra by Sandy


I welcome you all to an interesting space of style and stories. This blog is an attempt to weave stories in the documentation of my everyday looks.

Each outfit shall have a theme attached to it and therefore a story, all by me. Hence, this is primarily a fashion blog but with an aim to deliver some strong content through artful photography. 

I believe that not all experiences are pleasant, but all experiences teach. So, do what you love and give it your all.

Being a journalist by profession, I would ensure that along with blogging I make my readers think over each theme and thus, shall look forward to your feedback.

Since I also love photography, therefore, I will use this platform to showcase my that skill as well; in the process serving the readers a comforting mix of visuals and good read. 

I seek your support in making this endeavour a success. Hope you connect with the idea as much as I am excited to spread it on. 🙂