Mistress of Dreams

Strut the runway of life like it’s the show of your dreams. 


Long boots, crisp white shirt; a buttoned-down navy blazer and tresses too smooth. She glowed.She glowed in the confidence of her charm. In the conviction of her dreams. She meant business.


Give her a look, but make it strong. She doesn’t do mild. Miles to go before she sleeps and infinity before she gives up.She is defiant, she is firm. Straight up, upfront. Believes in her passion but likes to boss.You know you are not messing, you know she will still stand tall. 

You put her down, she rises. You pick on her, she fires. Sometimes dignified in her silence, on your bad day, a fury unimaginable. She has only known to fight, to survive and to bounce back hard.The world is not her enemy but there are haters aplenty. To all of them, she writes:

I know my way,

I know it right.

You spew the hate,

But it ain’t a fight.

Because I am lit, 

in the light of desire

too bold for your might.

Will speak through my work,

It’s all what I have to give.

Rest all is inside.

Commotion within, but fierce outside.

I shall do as my dreams please.


Mistress of Dreams

Outfit Details-

  • Classic White Shirt-Sarojini Nagar (H&M export surplus)- Rs. 150
  • Crop Navy Blazer with button detailing– Sarojini Nagar- Rs. 200
  • Knee-rip Denims– Forever 21- Rs. 1250
  • Long PU Boots– Flipkart (Under Route)- Rs. 2099
  • Grey Cape Shawl- Sarojini Nagar- Rs. 200
  • Bandana (worn as choker)– Forever 21- Birthday Gift 🙂

On the Face-

  • Eyes– Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner, Coloressence Pearl Effect Eyeshadow Pencil (Gold)
  • Lips– Lotus Make-Up Purple Daisy (429)
  • Base– Maybelline New York White Superfresh (Pearl)                                                 Garnier Skin Naturals Beauty Benefit Cream
Location- Qutub Minar, Dilli Haat (Delhi)
Photography- KamEra by Sandy


10 thoughts on “Mistress of Dreams

  1. abhinavkaushal01 says:

    I really like the way you write this poem. You really address the problem with the beautiful words.

    Also I like the price list that you wrote after the poem.


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