Postcard Pondicherry

Travellers are the best storytellers


And travel stories make for the best reads. Because they enrich with you an experience one breathed, absorbed and lived first hand. Leaving traces and following back on untrodden paths, its magical and enchanting. You observe as you go, make a trail and capture memories. And while telling a travel story, you live back the exhilaration and the little moments spent in the lap of nature (or the springy hotel beds!)

My travel to Pondicherry was one such trip. A weekend getaway with roommate which also happened to be my first travel outing without family. Fun was onboard already. 


Located 150 kms away from the capital city of Chennai is the French capital of India, the paradise of Pondicherry. Rummaging through its streets you are bound to find a plethora of stunning locales and happy faces to shoot. 

The beaches are calm, the wind serene; the coffee is warm and the view supreme. 


This quaint territory pleases all because it has so much to offer in terms of its picturesque buildings and scrumptious food. The little cafes hidden in the shores not only appease your hunger but also treat you to local savoury and a wholesome all-day meal. Paisa vasool in Pondi, guaranteed!


Apart from the amazing food, Puducherry (its new name which I absolutely don’t like but so much for factuality!) is a marble marvel too. Its buildings are painted in colours of merry (famously yellow) and provide a glimpse of history as well. With the French Consulate Office to the Kargil War Memorial, each block of bricks has a story to tell. 



And if you’re looking for a spiritual trek, head straight to the Auroville Ashram. Decked in golden aura, the Auroville dome is a sight to behold. Matri Mandir, as it is called locally, is a place for amalgamation of art and spirituality. The stay at the ashram is very economical and the company includes desi travellers and foreign tourists alike. 


Heading on, we reached the outskirts of the city in search of the Paradise Beach which totally lived up to its name. A vast expanse of deep blue water greeted us with a salty cold breeze. Just perfect to rewind, relax and release the shutter. 🙂


Rows of palm trees swayed in celebration as the blue of the sky wedded the blue of the sea


A temple and a church visit later, it was time to bid goodbye to the ‘Goa of the south’. Three days of frolic and revelling in the spirit of a ‘hippie’ life seemed too short but I had already promised myself a second visit. A solo trip maybe? 


Outfit Details:

Dress: Sarojini Nagar- Rs 200

Stole: Sarojini Nagar- Rs 50

Black Sling Bag: Mom’s Gift

Footwear: India International Trade Fair (Jute Pavillion)


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