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Draped it first as a young teenager to match other cousins at a family wedding. “Saree for the first time, nice!” teased an aunty with half of her paunch peeking out from her bright golden saree. That is the beauty of this humble nine-yard wonder, it flatters all women-type.

The grace of tradition, an aura of modernity and weaves of hard work of artisans across the country; the Saree is not just a garment, it’s an emotion for Indian women. Associated with love, celebration, culture and ‘sanskriti’, it is created and worn in over 50 different fabrics, patterns and styles. From the Maharashtrian ‘Nauvari’ to the Rajasthani ‘Bandhej’ and the world-famous South-Indian ‘Kanjeevaram’,  nothing matches wearing and owning a saree OOTD.

After my first stint with the beauty of wearing one, I had to take the obsession to the next big occasion; college farewell. Mom came to the rescue and thus was created a slick, twist-to-the-saree look!


I opted for a classic black crepe saree with a simple golden border. Basics done right. But instead of the usual pairing of a blouse, I wore an embroidered black jacket with pom- pom ‘latkans’ (so in trend then!). And to give it a modern twist, I wrapped the ‘pallu’ around my neck in a single loop (choker wrap). Add to it fiery red lips, subtle black eyeliner and a shell ‘baajuband’. Voila! Sweeping them boys’ one last time! 😛 Also, not to forget, a special mention to my silver ear cuff ( a cheap thrift from Janpath) which added the extra edge to this ‘sharp’ look.


My next outing with a saree was, no prizes for guessing, a wedding again. This time I opted for a bright yellow piece with a plain blue border (equally bright though!). I was a bit skeptic of this one considering how bright its colour scheme was, but since it was bought for me by my mother, I had to give in to her wish of wearing it -.- But to my surprise, it looked really nice. Draped once again by mommy genius, in the ‘seedha pallu’ style, I adorned it with yellow pom-pom earrings (yeah they were still a rage), blue bangles and had some fun with colourful makeup. The blouse was a contrasting multi-colour piece with a snakeskin sort of a pattern which complimented the plain saree amazingly well. And oh, it had a sexy cut at the back 😉


   (Sorry for the pixelation with some pics)




By the mid of 2016, I was down south in Namma Chennai for my masters and thus the saree style changed too. Out came the white and golden traditional Malayali saree for Diwali celebrations in Sambhar land. I used a neckpiece as maang-tika and put on the mandatory white gajra to complete the southern belle look.



Then came my post-graduation farewell, a convocation ceremony to be precise. And no amount of May heat in Chennai could stop me from being a ‘Meenamma’! Mom was to the rescue again (can’t write this saree saga without thanking her enough!). I had always eyed this one saree of hers which is in a beautiful deep maroon (wine) colour. It has a traditional golden ‘patti’ border and is made in a crepe mix fabric (the best fabric for easy breezy sarees, trust me!). Though mom had bought another of her saree in pink, which was also traditional but more girly (-.-), I had made my choice. (P.S. she eventually ended up wearing the pink one!) I had to, had to put up a ‘gajra’ (thank you dad for last minute fixes! P.S. he always gets gajras for mom and me whenever we demand him to get us one, even at last minute <3). A deep wine shade on lips, some smokey drama on eyes, few golden bangles and a pair of mom’s ‘jhumkis’ later, I was ready to take stage.

Also, all the blouses deserve a special attention here (again, picked and styled by mommy dearest). Like this one, was custom stitched from an old printed cloth piece and fit in contrast to the golden zari work on the saree (perfect idea for when you don’t want to make the look too heavy/wedding sorts). (Also notice my mom’s bright blue sleeveless on pink and golden, always works that way!) Another important thing to keep in mind is the hairstyle. It’s always best to tie it up in an elegant bun (sort of mandatory if you’re putting ‘gajra’) since that gives the overall look a more neat, defining feel. It’s one of my personal favourite hairstyle too (high-five Deepika Padukone).

And…this was the last time I wore a saree. So while I eagerly wait for another occasion to don one (though you don’t really need one; yes, you can totally rock it in office too!), here’s leaving you with some more clicks from one of my best saree looks 🙂




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