Badhaai Ho!

First things first, wedding blogs make me happy! There is so much colour, so much emotion, and so much drama going on in each and every shaadi frame.
This is a humble and a very personal effort to put all the chaos together but trust me, you need to attend at least one major wedding in a year to feel the desi in you alive and get your next display picture. ;D

(Also, very important to mention that both these years I was away from home in different cities and had to take leaves to attend these weddings. Once from my college in Chennai and in the year following, from my office in Mumbai. Phew. That was more of a task than getting ready for any of the functions!)

P.S. I will keep this to a Photopost/Lookbook and for outfit details will just mention that all the looks you will see below are less than 3,500 each! Hell yeah, perks of living in Delhi and having Sarojini Nagar and Chandni Chowk at your disposal.

I start with my brother’s wedding which took place in Indore two years back. This was a family wedding since he is my first cousin and so I HAD TO BE EXTRA!

Sangeet Look:

Ganesh Poojan:



Sister throwing major lipstick shade. Like literally!



This gown is from Chandni Chowk and only select few people get to know the shop address. Thank You. ๐Ÿ˜›

Exactly a year after, and precisely coinciding again with my birthday I attended a winter wedding of another first cousin. From the bride side this time though! And super-coincidentally, I again landed up in Madhya Pradesh, but in Bhopal for #SoVar2017.




Sister, Mamma and Me



Birthday Post! ๐Ÿ˜€

Wedding Night:

I am already looking forward to this year’s wedding season and all of you who have a possible Band, Baaja, Baarat lined up, kindly RSVP me in advance because imma take leaves and shizz. K. Bye -.- Oh and yes, Badhaai Ho!


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